Girl Aborts 5 For Sakawa

Girl Aborts 5 For Sakawa

Justina Donkor, a 24-year-old woman who lives in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, has recounted how her ‘Sakawa’ boyfriend convinced her to abort five pregnancies.

The lady, in an interview with Brty Fm, Koforidua, hinted that “I am the eldest among three children. My mother lost her life in a car accident. My dad on the other hand also lost his job due to the emotional trauma he faced after the sudden demise of my mum. My dad, being a single parent, found it very difficult in paying my supplementary bills, let alone school fees.

“I did not know my ex-boyfriend was into Sakawa. I realized he was into it after I saw the numerous chats with foreigners on social media, the online shopping he made and above all the huge amount of money in his possession.”

She explained further that “these signals were enough to reveal the kind of person he was. After seeing all these, I saw that to be a golden opportunity to make money and cater for myself and my little family. He paid my fees during my senior high school days till I completed university.”

“He gave me excess money which I saved some and used the rest for the upkeep of the family. My dad’s affection for him grew very strong after knowing that my ex-boyfriend was the one providing for the family.”

According to her, the father did not even bother to enquire how the ex-boyfriend acquired his wealth.

“He also saw nothing wrong with our relationship as well. This made me feel indebted to him. We made love on several occasions without protection. After which he told me his revulsion for condoms. I understood him anyway. I saw nothing wrong with that, and had sex on countless occasions without thinking about it.”

“This resulted in my first pregnancy at age of 18 when I was in my final year in the senior high school. Feeling very nervous of what my dad will do and what people will say when they find out, he convinced me to abort it. I gladly aborted the pregnancy.

“Although there were some complications, with the help of a doctor friend, I survived. Since I was madly in love and ecstasy, we continued to enjoy our unprotected sex. Two months later, I missed my period. I decided to take a test,” she underscored.

According to Justina, when the result turned out to be positive, she told her ex-boyfriend about the situation at hand.

She said the boyfriend seemed very supportive and was anticipating the naming of the child initially, adding that few weeks later, the guy started maltreating her.

“The guy told me right in the face that he does not want me to give birth anymore, so I should go for another abortion. I was hysterical and begged him not to make me do it. But he was very insistent and even told me if I do not abort the pregnancy, he was going to quit the relationship.”

Justina said she unwilling paid heed to the boyfriend’s advice and had an abortion.

Justina, who was in tears during the interview with the radio station, said since she was scared of losing her ex-boyfriend to another lady and so had five abortions which subsequently led to the removal of her womb.

“I had five abortions for my ex-boyfriend at the age of 23.

“My womb has been removed due to the complications. He broke up with me when he came to the realization that I could not give birth again.

She stressed that “now I am done with school wishing someone marries me. But no man would like to marry a barren woman. I have decided not to go into any marriage. I do not want another man to suffer for another man’s mistakes.”



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